Teams message extension popup not working

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I want to use third party auth in my teams message extension.I have made a signIn button in manifest.json.

I am returning this when button is pressed. 
return {

composeExtension: {
value: "",
title: "Sign in to this app",


I am handling this in 

handleTeamsMessagingExtensionSubmitAction function of TeamsActivityHandler class
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@hardikpedia - Could you please refer below document and verify your steps which is mentioned in below document:
Add third party authentication to your message extension - Teams | Microsoft Learn

Please refer below sample for your reference:
Microsoft-Teams-Samples/samples/msgext-search-auth-config/csharp at main · OfficeDev/Microsoft-Teams...

Please let us know if you have faced any further issue here.

@hardikpedia - Could you please confirm whether your issue is resolved or if you are still facing this issue?