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We have a message extension on MS Teams that is also showing on outlook. Is there a way to make it Teams only?

on the provisioning on the teamsapp.yml we had this:

  # Extend your Teams app to Outlook and the Microsoft 365 app
  - uses: teamsApp/extendToM365
      # Relative path to the build app package.
      appPackagePath: ./appPackage/build/appPackage.${{TEAMSFX_ENV}}.zip
    # Write the information of created resources into environment file for
    # the specified environment variable(s).
      titleId: M365_TITLE_ID
      appId: M365_APP_ID

This was setting a channel on the Azure Bot Service for Microsoft 365. We removed this and don't have a M365 channel setup anymore, but the message extension is still appearing on outlook, is there another configuration to disable that?

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Hi @PedroKlein - Thanks for raising the query.
We will look into it and let you know the updates.


Update: To make your message extension appear only in Microsoft Teams and not in Outlook, follow these steps:

Update Your App Manifest
1. Open your app manifest file.
2. Update the $schema and manifestVersion to ensure the extension runs only in Teams

  "$schema" : "",
  "manifestVersion" : "1.16"

Remove Microsoft 365 Channel Configuration

  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure portal or Bot Framework portal.
  2. Navigate to your bot resource.
  3. In the Settings section, go to Channels.
  4. Under Available channels, make sure to remove the Microsoft 365 channel configuration if enabled.
  5. Save the changes to ensure that your message extension is no longer available in Outlook.

Re-upload your updated app package into Teams and verify the extension is no longer visible in Outlook. If you have any further questions or need more assistance, feel free to ask!

For more information, you can refer to the Microsoft Teams platform documentation.

Hi @Dinesh-MSFT, thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately we already have those criteria met, but our message extension still appears on outlook, and with an error since the Microsoft 365 channel is not set.