Teams Linux control shared screen

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I am on the latest Linux Client version ( running on Ubuntu 18.04. Having the native client has been a GREAT benefit for me and has worked well.  The only important feature that seems to be missing is the ability to give and request control over a shared screen.


When might we see the Linux client get to be on feature parity with the Windows client especially in this critical (for me) area?

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@RichTaylor Thanks for reaching out to us. This is a known limitation. We are working on enabling this feature on Linux but we do not have an ETA to share with you.

@Gousia_Begum Thank you for the response.  I will anxiously await the update whenever it arrives.


Is there ANY update on this? it looks like there is a file: ~/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft\ Teams/settings.json that has that possibility listed and set to false. I have tried setting it to true manually but the file gets deleted and recreated with false at next start of Teams. 

Can this be addressed ASAP? which means less than 7 months (the last update to this was May last year)? I work with this and it is really annoying! Especially during COVID time when I have to do stuff remotely!


thank you

Any news on this subject? Would be great if I could allow others to control the screen I'm sharing. I can see that a colleague requests control, but the button to allow access is disabled.