Teams. Link Unfurling Cach ... How Can generate new card for each request?

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I found that the first request to Link Unfurling functionality calls OnTeamsAppBasedLinkQueryAsync handler but the next one doesn't ... So ... Maybe there is any cach ...

Could someone explain the behaviour? How can I switsh off the cach or refresh it?

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Could you please provide more details ? Please share the sample code you are referring to as well, so that we can repro it at our end.


Link unfurling:

If I insert (into compose box) the link the card will generate (handler called) once.

We are able to repro the issue. We are checking it internally and will get back to you once we get any update.


Prasad Das


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The link unfurling result is cached for 30 minutes. There doesn't seems to be any way to switch off the cache.

@Prasad_Das-MSFT is this still true that unfurled links will be cached for 30 mins with no way to turn it off?

I see in the message extension result there is a cacheInfo object that has a cacheDuration and cacheType properties that can be set. What are the possible values for the cacheType property?

@ctawiah15 - We are checking this with engineering team. We will inform you if we have any update.