Teams is not showing posted image via Automation

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I want to create message on teams channel which contains link to an image using Microsoft Power Automation. The posting general works but the image is not shown.


HTML result of the step:


<p>Screen updated: <a href="">test</a><br>
<img src=""><br>
<img src=""><br>


and result in teams



If I will use different image url then it works


<p>Screen updated: <a href="">test</a><br>
<img src="">


What is wrong with the previous urls, both are publicly available?

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I think it depends of the image size. If it is smaller then everything works fine. Is there some kind of limit and why?

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@konads - Currently Teams does not support the images with larger size. Maximum size of the image is 024×1024 and 1 MB in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format; animated GIF are not supported. Could you please check these docs?

@Nikitha-MSFTthank you for the link to the documentation, I could not find it. So there is no way in automation to attach the image :(

Cannot you support a little bigger resolution? :)

@konads - Currently Teams does not support higher resolution. Could you please raise a user voice ?