Teams Image sent by chatbot no open after update

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@HunaidHanfee-MSFT Hello, we had the same problem, but as of today without making any changes with the teams version of 7/10/2021 the images began to be sent correctly, but when clicking on them they do not open, on the web and mobile app open correctly


teams desktop



Teams Web




I do not have a previous version available to test, but this worked and it stopped working a few days ago together with the shipment without any change on our part, any ideas

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Thanks for sharing. I am looking into this, I will get back to you soon.
The image is sent as inline attachment?

@HunaidHanfee-MSFT Yes, we send it as an inline attachment and we have also tested with the public url in both cases the behavior is the same

I share some images:


method call



return GetReport



Inline test (microsoft example)




the bot returns the image but it cannot be opened, this verification only occurs in the desktop teams client, in the web and mobile client it opens correctly



Microsoft sample document Send media attachments with the Bot Framework SDK - Bot Service | Microsoft Docs


Thank you




Thanks for sharing. I am also facing the same. I have to check internally about this behavior, once I get to know anything I will let you know.

We have raised a bug, internal engineering team is looking into it. The bug is internal and we don't have any public URL to give. I will keep you posted about the status.

hello, is there news?
Team is working on it, I will let you know once it fixed.


@HunaidHanfee-MSFT hello, do you know of any updates on this topic?

@rosrene -
Fix is being tested internally, I don't have an ETA to share when it will out in public.

Thanks for understanding.