Teams for Linux does not use Freedesktop dbus notifications

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Is there any plans to implement Freedesktop dbus notifications as an option to the Teams for Linux?

At the moment it's a custom notification which I can't control, and it breaks in tiling window managers such as Sway or i3. (Steals focus and position is always on the middle of the screen.)

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Hi @jonasks,

AFAIK, not currently.

I have opened a uservoice here

Would recommend for you to vote on it to push it up the agenda

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Cheers. For a hacky workaround for this specific app i3 and Sway users can do this (where they edit the position to their own needs) in their configs:



no_focus [title="Microsoft Teams Notification"]
for_window [title="Microsoft Teams Notification"] move absolute position 4812 px 1316 px

@jonasksHi, thanks for the solution. But in my case it works for a first notification popup only, any others stay at the center of screen. Did you face it?

Sway 1.5, Teams 1.3

Ohhh yeah I did have that happen from time to time, but not every time but the first. Sounds like the window is renamed or should use a wildcard, or don’t support multiple notifications with the same name. I’m not sure, sorry.

I went back to the snap version as I could screen share on that one.