Teams Export API - Inline images in chat or channel conversations

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We are in the middle of building our own chat/channelconversation backup tool for our company via the Teams Export API which works perfectly.

A lot of inline pasted images are being used in our company. Is it possible to get these images out as well?

The inline image is part of the body, but I'm not sure if/how it can be received...



"body": {
  "contentType": "html",
  "content": "<p><img src=\"$value\" alt=\"image\" width=\"343\" height=\"201\" itemid=\"0-weu-d21-0274dbd4619c206e66247d26df9fb071\" style=\"vertical-align:bottom\">Text nach dem Bild</p>"



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we are looking into this issue, we will get back to you.
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I just figured it out. With another GET query and the respective token I'm able to receive the image itself.
Thank you for confirming.