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Hello I am running into an intresting problem, and hoping someone is able to help. I have process in place where a user can install an app, and use SSO to sign on through a embeded Iframe tab. On initial setup I am able to sign in with the SSO and it works just fine and functions as expected.


The problem arsises when a new users come to sign in the the tab with SSO, or if you log out of teams and back in. 

If you log out of teams you will be promted to login on the page, and you can choose SSO. Once you click sign on with SSO the whole tab now becomes blank and can't process or do anything. 

I Saw this post and thought it was applicable, but the application IS visible at first, but once they login it errors out.

These are the two calls it makes:
->That forwards to (Where ${} have actual values)${TOKEN}&RelayState=${RELAYSTATE}
There is also a couple of weird things like this

I was able to capute this in fiddler, and I can see this indeed does have a response to login, but for some reason, teams just does not render this.

I am happy to provide more insight if needed, but hopefully that engough to have someone see what the problem is.

Testing this in web app I see:

Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'.

Think something in here: was missed but I'm not seeing anything that stands out overly.

Appreciate any insights!

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@setuprc - Could you please share a sample or minimal code for us to repro the issue?

@setuprc - Could you please share the details so that we can test it from our end.


Chetan Sharma


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