Teams direct Routing - Why still not usable with Graph API?

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Hi MS Team,


at the moment at each customer we have the request of using MS Teams for calling via direct routing. But the pain with this is that we or the customer have to configure this each time with Powershell. And also they need to configure the PBX Site per User. 


If the direct routing configuration would be available via Graph API it would be so easy to create applications which configure both sites at the same time. 


And now this feature is there for almost 2 years, but still now usable via API. I dont know why this is still not possible. Does anybody have an informations when MS will implement this?

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Microsoft have added the Operator Connect to Teams, currently in public preview, that allows customers select a carrier to connect to their Teams tenant without any advanced configuration. For the customer this works similar as the Calling Plans from Microsoft. Carries uses APIs to connect to Teams and customers will be able to assign numbers from the carrier from Teams Admin Center.
Thank you for your reply but this is not what i asked for. A lot of cusotmer would like to connect teams with there own PBX, thats why direct routing is also interesting. But if not usable via Graph it cannot implemented really good.
When implementing Direct Routing with own PBX or own SBC the work you have to do in Teams/Office 365 is minor, compared to the amount of configuration you have to do in the SBC. Powershell is still available to be used when setting up Direct Routing.

The best way to request things like this is via Uservoice.

Hello, yes but like you see i ask when this will be able with graph.

So the question is not how we can configure this, the question is simple, when will it possible with Graph.

Hi, is there still no Option to set the Direct Routing Paramter on a user via Graph?

No, there doesn't seem to be any option to set the Direct Routing Parameter on a user via Graph.


and there is no plan to implement this? Because its totally neccessary to make customers able to manage the phone infrastructure for direct routing. If this would be possible customers could activate direct routing much easier and microsoft sells a lot more "Phone System" licenses.

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