Teams chat & conversation extensibility - Notes/domino deeplink converter to URI

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we are moving to Office365 teams, but still have databases in Notes/domino.

We would like that the applications come closer together, and hence we would like to be able to send links of Notes, via Teams chat & Teams posts/conversations.


The solution I'm thinking of would

- convert the 'pasted clipboard content (XML)' directly in a URI, when pasted in chat (like a smiley :) )

- we would have a message extension that 'pops-up', we input the clipboard content, and it enters the translated URI in the chat.

Technical info
Notes document link - Content in clipboard

Title - Action (example post)[11/07/2020]
<REPLICA C1257DE9:0029498A>
<VIEW OF38D46BF5:E8F08834-ON852564B5:00129B2C>
<NOTE OFF0EEE052:72E81926-ONC1258597:0030CBBE>
<REM>Database 'Title', View 'Inbox', Document 'Action (example post) [11/07/2020]'</REM>


Expected result

Final: Wouter Vanderkelen - Action (Example post) [11/07/2020]

text: Title - Action (Example post) [11/07/2020]

URI: Notes://


Looking forward hearing your ideas.


Thanks in advance

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