Teams channel Link in a custom Teams App

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Hello community.

I am currently working on a custom Teams App with App Studio. This App has tabs. One tab should lead to another teams channel.

I know how to get the link to the channel. But when I add a new tab in the App and put the channel link in the field for content url it does not work properly. 

I only receive what you can see on the picture (when I click on the tab in the App). By the way at this point I am already working with the teams dektop version...

So I don't know how to solve that issue and hope that somebody here can help :smile:





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Hi @Ben_64 , It's not possible to display channel chat as a tab. But you can redirect to channel chat when you open a tab using channel link. Create a custom tab and use below code in tab file to redirect to channel to when you open a tab. 


@page "/deeplink"
@{Layout = "~/Pages/Shared/_Layout.cshtml";}
 microsoftTeams.executeDeepLink("Channel link");