Teams bot using Node.JS as an AWS Lambda?

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    Is it possible to develop and host a Teams bot using AWS technologies (or any other technology besides MS Azure)? That is, developed using Node.JS and deployed as an AWS Lambda? Has anybody successful(if at all) in doing that? Is there a sample for reference? The available node.js examples seems to be using only ngrok or MS Azure. 


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@NKM122205 I don't know how practical it is using Lambda in particular. Would probably work for a simple bot. 


It's definitely possible for bots to run on AWS though - there are several of them in our app store that are hosted there. 


We don't plan to provide any examples in our documentation though.


Ngrok is useful regardless of where it's ultimately hosted in production.

Thanks for reply @Bill Bliss. Can a free trial MS Azure account be *safely* used for learning MS Teams bot development, trying out the existing samples and others without getting charged? That is, register a bot as well as potentially host bot in a Windows VM as well for prototyping purposes.  Just wanted to be sure.


Also, can "Teams Free" be used for trying out Teams App development? Or is it absolutely required to have an Office 365 developer tenant?


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Following up on this and thanks!

@NKM122205 Sorry, was on vacation last week. The answer is yes to both questions provided you stay on the free tier of Azure.