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We have created a bot using the App studio and it's working for all of our clients except one. It used to work for them also but suddenly it stopped working for all of their users. They are not receiving any messages back from the Bot. We checked our server logs and we are not receiving any requests from their Microsoft tenant, the same is getting received from other client users who are using the same bot. Is there some setting which their admin user had disabled? Sideloading for custom apps is enabled for them.
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Thanks for the reply. I will have it checked on the client-side.

But In case the app is blocked, the app actually disappears from the Teams user view after the user sign in again. I could see the issue until I sign in again. The client confirms that even after re-sign they can see the app but can't receive messages from it.
I was able to reproduce the issue. It's happening If we create a Custom App Permission Policy with "Allow Specific app and Block others" and use our app as allowed in Third-Party apps. Then users with this custom policy can view the App but the Bot does not respond back.

Is there a way to resolve this?

@Saurabh2475 ,


Could you please share your request, Bot ID and Timestamp. Please make sure you have removed any PII.



I think I had found a reason for the app not working.


Our client was initially using our custom app and it suddenly stopped working one day maybe because Microsoft seems to have pushed our GA app to the Client Third-Party app catalog. Now our client had created a custom app permission policy that limits the 3rd party apps. Since both the Custom and AppSource apps using the same bot so that seems to explain why the custom app had stopped working.


Our client had decided to move to the GA app by enabling our app in the 3rd party app permission policy and removing our custom app from allowed custom apps. But that also didn't solve the problem as the bot is still blocked as custom app is now blocked.


We now have suggested them to delete the custom app instead of blocking it by any means. It seems to be working on our test environment where we are able to reproduce it. I hope it works on their side also. If not, I will ask them to share the timestamp of their testing for you to review the logs.


Thanks once again for your support.