Teams Attendance Report gets cleared if someone rejoins meeting after it's ended

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Hi there,


We're seeing an unusual bug thats affecting attendance reporting via the API.


The steps to reproduce are as follows:


1. Schedule an MS Teams meeting using the /onlineMeetings/ API endpoint

2. Allow n number (eg. 5) people to connect

3. End the meeting

4. Fetch the attendance report using the /meetingAttendanceReport/ API endpoint

5. The attendance will contain 5 entries (this is correcT)

6. Rejoin the same meeting as one user

7. End the meeting again

8. Fetch the attendance report again

9. The report will now only contain one entry


Expected behaviour

The report should contain all the entries from when the meeting originally took place.


Actual behaviour

The report only returns the entires from the "latest call" for the meeting.


If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Hi @Gerard_Kelly,
We are able to repro this at our end and got similar results, This seems like default behavior of graph api to fetch attendance report for only the latest meeting instance. You can raise your voice here . Microsoft focuses on customer feedback and some features may be implemented in future.

I've encountered with the same issue and I found that MS Teams actually does not overwrite the report but rather lets you download only the last one. I tried to run MS Teams on several different PCs and on some PCs I was able to get the correct report and on some not. I still don't know what it depends on.
I have also the same behavior. I had tested to download on another PC yesterday with success. today neither the first or the second computer can download the attendant list. The only file that is downloaded is the last report, with only one attendant.



Hi, I unfortunately experienced this today and am upset as well.


For one of my meetings I did set-up "record automatically" and it sent an attendance report to Chat...

Hope that helps somebody out there.

I'm seeing this same behavior even though the meeting thread shows multiple attendance reports.  It appears that you can download the attendance report for different instances of the meeting but sometimes when you download the reports, they all contain the records for the most recent meeting instance and sometimes they contain the correct records for the meeting instance that I selected.   

The problem still continues as of 08th of January 2023
If a student has joined the lecture after the main session is over, even the older attendance report shows only that single person in the csv file. 

We recently had an exchange with the ICT service on this matter and the issue seems to be resolved in this context (at least on our deployment). Could somebody else try whether it works now?