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I am creating an Approval for Teams in Power Automate called from Power Apps.  In Power Apps, I dynamically create a table using HTML with a header and data rows from SharePoint list data (could be from any data source), and I use it to send an email.  Works great.\


Now I want to use that same HTML string and pass it to Power Automate to create a Teams approval.  I assumed I could pass it as a string parameter as I do when I use a flow to create the email (actually send it as a fully completed email body), but I m not certain how to use it in the create approval action.


I am testing manually and just used some simple HTML (<H2>Text</H2>) but I get those as text values, not HTML commands.


When I click on the approval I created, I notice "Comments" at the bottom of the card that appears.  Ideally this is where I would like to place the table, along with some other dynamic data I get in Power Apps.  


I would rate my expertise with Power Apps and Automate rather advanced, but just recently starting playing with Teams other than using it for meetings, so I may be short on what I need to know in Teams.


Hope someone can help me advance my expertise on this problem.

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@Larry Heimendinger 

You can follow this blog and video to format approval emails.
Also refer this link: Use markdown to format Power Automate approvals - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs
Hope this helps !

Thanks for the references. Not only did I learn that HTML itself is not supported but also that Teams Approval does not support even the alternative text formatting syntax. Bummer..
But thanks indeed.
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