Teams App with static tabs for SharePoint Communication Site

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Hi All,


I am using App Studio in Teams to create a Team App for my SharePoint Communication Site.

I found out that there is no navigation/header/footer elements and I found out a solution which is adding ?app=portals in the Content URL.

It works fine for me in mobile/desktop/web Teams at first. Recently, the navigation menu in mobile Teams is no response. When you click on the navigation menu ("三") is should expand and collapse like the below pic.



And now there is no response when I click the "三".



It just only happens on mobile Teams. For web/desktop teams, it is functioning normally.
Anyone has faced this situation too? Any solutions for fixing this case?

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@jojo222813 - Can you please share your manifest to check at our end?
@jojo222813 - Could you please confirm is your issue resolved or are you still facing this issue? If yes, please share your manifest?