Teams app update: id in the manifest doesn't match

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I used Yeoman Teams to build a custom app and upload it to Teams via the client.


When I try to update the app, I am getting the following message:

The id in the manifest doesn't match with the app being updated


What am I missing? I am only updating the code, not the id.


My steps:

- update the code in Visual Studio Code (tsx file)

- run gulp ngrok-serve

- go to the app in Teams

- in the context menu select Update

- pick the new package zip


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@Christophe Humbert - when you update the You should not change the app id. Could you please update the manifest by using the same id. Try if that helps.


@Nikitha-MSFT Thanks for the reply!

What I don't understand is what makes the app Id change. I am not touching the id, I am only updating the code in the tsx file and incrementing the version number in package.json. What am I missing?

This is what I have in the manifest:





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@Christophe Humbert, I tried to reproduce this issue at my end but it didn't throw any error while  updating my id.

I followed below steps: 

1. First created a personal tab from teams client and noted it's id.

2. built my project ran gulp ngrok serve command.

3.Updated my manifest  corresponding ngrok urls in manifest and add valid domain also. 

4. Entered app that you get in step 1 in manifest now. 

5. Zip the manifest and sideload the project. 


Now, if there is any change in code you can stop and re-run the project, this will not need any updates for an app. If you are updating an application I would suggest you to uninstall it and install the manifest again if you are changing any 'app related information'.


Additionally, updating the teams app from teams client shouldn't cause an error. There must be something wrong in your manifest. 


If the issue persists please mail me at we can get over a call and solve this. Thanks.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I didn't see step 4 in the docs and thought it would happen automatically, just like the version number gets updated.