Teams App that reads Excel File from Sharepoint site

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Hi guys, i'm new to Teams App Development. My team leader at work asked me to start studying this technology to extend our Teams Channel (no one in my team knows how to do it).

What i need are two things:

1) A better documentation and guides to Teams App, Teams Toolkit, SharePoint Framework etc. outside of official Microsoft documentation.

2) I need help to know how to go on with my project:

- my goal is to make a Tab App (unfortunately i cannot make any bot 'cause of privileges problems) that reads an Excel file from a SharePoint page, extracts data from that and uses them to do XYZ operations. I started by creating a Tab with sharepoint framework, but ther's nothing i know about it.

How can i do this, and which modules i need to use?


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Hi @RedFra497,

To build a Teams App that reads an Excel File from Sharepoint site, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Teams App project using the Teams Toolkit.

  2. Add a SharePoint web part that reads the Excel file and extracts the data you need.

  3. Deploy the SharePoint web part to your SharePoint site.

  4. Add a Teams Tab that embeds the SharePoint web part.

Here are some more useful links:

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