Teams App how to edit an online Excel File in a Sharepoint site via nodejs

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Hi guys, i'm new to this.

i need to make a Teams App via vscode for my team that reads (already done) and edits an online Excel file on a Sharepoint site. 'til now i'm using some packages like xlsx, pnp/sp and spfx for reading the file, but now i'm blind on writing this file and save it online. what should i do? are some authentication settings and implementations needed? which packages should i use to accomplish this?

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To edit an online Excel file on a SharePoint site, you will need to use the Microsoft Graph API.

  1. Authentication: Before you can call the Graph API, you need to authenticate your app. You can use the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for this. MSAL is a unified library that helps you to authenticate users and get tokens to call Microsoft APIs.

  2. Permissions: You need to set the correct permissions in your app registration in Azure AD. For editing Excel files, you need the Files.ReadWrite permission.

  3. Call the Graph API: Once you have the token, you can call the Graph API to edit the Excel file. The Graph API provides a Excel REST API that you can use to edit Excel files.

  4. Deploy your app: Once you have implemented the functionality to edit the Excel file, you can deploy your app to Teams. You can use the Teams Toolkit to deploy your app to Teams. 




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