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I'm currently developing a command bot that would display some information after the user types a command. I've successfully deployed my bot to azure environment via the teams-toolkit 5.0 at the moment I'm seeking to add some extra functionality.


  • Feature to add: Sometimes my information would contain and email address and I would like to use that email address to open Outlook and create an email template, like we do when we call "mailto:email address removed for privacy reasons".

I've done some research in the documentation and I'm not sure if this is even possible?:

If someone has an example of this working that would be greatly appreciated!!

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Yes, you can create an adaptive card that, when clicked, opens an Outlook email template. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Create an adaptive card that includes a button element. Here's an example JSON code for an adaptive card with a button element:
{ "type": "AdaptiveCard",
"body": [
{ "type": "TextBlock",
"text": "Click the button to open an email template." }
"actions": [
{ "type": "Action.OpenUrl",
"title": "Open Email Template",
"url": "mailto:email address removed for privacy reasons?subject=Example%20Subject&body=Example%20Body"
  1. In the actions array, specify the type of action as Action.OpenUrl. This action allows you to specify a URL to open when the button is clicked.
  2. In the url field, specify the mailto: protocol followed by the email recipient's email address, subject, and body. You can use URL encoding to encode spaces and special characters in the subject and body.

When the user clicks the button in the adaptive card, it will open a new email message in Outlook with the specified recipient, subject, and body.

Thank you for that example!

I still for some reason have an strange instance where teams on the web would become unresponsive after I click on the "Open Email Template" button, but it won't crash on the desktop app.

Any ideas?

@djcris - Is there any console error you are getting in Teams web?