Teams 3rd party app: Deeplinks to app not working correctly, only on Android mobile Teams

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Hello, since last week we have gotten some reports that deeplinks into our tab application are not working ONLY on Android Teams client. (They were working previously, this seems to be a regression in the last 2 weeks or so).


We have been using the same code to generate deeplinks (found here ), and since they seem to continue to work correctly on Teams Desktop, web, and iOS clients, its doesnt seem like we are generating them incorrectly. Here is a sample deeplink<our app ID>/<entity ID from config tab when installing app>?co...

^ This URI is encoded in the link, here it is passed through decodeURI:<our app ID>/<entity ID from config tab when installing app>?context={"subEntityId": "<link to internal object>", "channelId": "<channel ID where the user last loaded the app>"}

In particular, the buggy behavior is that clicking the deeplinks from Android, both from notification bot messages AND deeplinks sent to email takes the user to the bot chat with the app, instead of the of the tab application inside the provided channel id. Again, we are confident these links used to work correctly, and continue to work correctly on all other clients except Android mobile client.

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@alexkovalev - Could you please update your Teams app in Android and check if it helps. Please do share the Teams app version if you still face the issue. Thanks!

Yep still having the issue. My Android Teams app version is 1416
We are also able to repro this issue, we are raising a bug for the same. We will keep you posted on the updates.
Engineering team is unable to reproduce the issue. Can you please confirm if you still have this issue?