Team V2 - The App profile in the MS market shown once user clicks on the Team Tab in the top menu

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Hi Support Team,


I found a strange issue with Team V2. I implement the notification using GraphAPI and Azure Chat Bot

Both of them lead the user to the Team App Tab using a deep link:


If a user clicks on the Track button (it is a deep link: from the Chat Bot message to go to the App.


The user can access the Team App Tab normally as screenshot below:


but the strange issue happens if the user continues to click on another tab. For example, I click on the Discover Tab then the App Profile will be shown like this:


I expected the discover tab should be shown as normal and work exactly like the Teams Classic 

Note: This issue just happens on Teams V2.

I also attached 2 videos to reproduce the issue on TeamsV2 and also show you it works fine on Teams Classic. Please check them out.

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@Thanh_Nguyen1050 - Similar issue has been reported here Deeplink breaks Teams App navigation (New Teams v2; Bot and Static Tabs) · Issue #1227 · OfficeDev/M...


We have a bug raised for this issue, we will keep you posted on the updates. Thank you.