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Hello Dear Team,

I am newbie with MS Teams Dev, sorry for may be idiotic question from me

I would like a make some Application for MS Teams (Tab app, Personal and for use in a group), user that will be used it should have ability to set some parameters for it


Where values of settings will be kept? Do they keep in the local storage (like in a classical modern web browser) or?


I will be happy to get some snippets of code, or kick in the right way


I use Blazor for developing


Thanks, and be well!

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Could you please let us know what are the parameters set up by app users? It would be helpful if you could provide some screenshots for reference.

Dear @Meghana-MSFT I have the next pice of code:

private IAzure LogInAzure(string clientId, string clientSecret, string clientTenantId)
var creds = SdkContext.AzureCredentialsFactory.FromServicePrincipal(
environment: AzureEnvironment.AzureGlobalCloud);

return Azure.Configure()

And I want to store these variables: "string clientId, string clientSecret, string clientTenantId" in the localStorage

Thanks for help!

Could you please confirm if clientId and clientSecret is changed every time? If not you can store clientId, clientSecret, clientTenantId in appsettings file.
Dear Meghana, nope, cause these data can be changed and second, the end-user should have ability for change these credential data
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You can follow this blog( to create a MS Teams Tab application using blazor.

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