Support for Apps in Assignments

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According to this article: Announcing Support for Apps in Assignments, it is now possible to use Apps in Assignments, but there is no way to configure an App to work with Assignments.
I researched on Microsoft but there is no tutorial on how to do this.

Do you know how to do it?


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@losbit- We are checking it internally and let you know once we get any updates.
Thank you!
I just hope it takes no longer to get updates


There are a couple of documents to help yout

Integration Requirements - list the requirements on how to get your data within Assignments

App Sample App - provided you with a sample app to try this out on your sample tenant

Assignment Integration Options - lists out the additional Integration options (including Graph ) that you can use for Assignment integration


@losbit - Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved with above suggestion or still looking for any help?

Thank you @Leif Brenne 

Unfortunately, those pages don't provide the information I am looking for.

I tested the app, but I couldn't get to work in Assignments.

I created my App in with Developer Portal which was extremely easy: 


So I wonder whether there is more information about support for App in assignments.

Of course, I indeed need more information about this issue.
I was not able to make my App work in assignmnts.


Thanks for trying this out. Could you please check the following:

  1. You are running this within an Educational Tenant. Assignments only works on Educational Tenant ( A1,A3, A5).  You can sign up for an educational demo tenant here Demos for MPN partners - Partner Center | Microsoft Docs 
  2. Create a Class Team in the Educational Tenant ( this adds the Assignment App to your Team automatically. See here for how to do that Create a class team in Microsoft Team
  3. For your Educational Tenant, ensure you are in the Development Ring Enable Developer Preview
  4. Sideload the Tab app in the Class Team you created , in the General Channel. Assignments App support is only supported for Tab App, and not Personal Apps
  5. Go to Assignments, create a new Assignments, click on Apps, and and verify that your app is listed there


@losbit - Did you get chance to check the above suggestion?