Suggestion for Better UX - dock the file navigation history/ path in files tab of teams

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If we add more number of files to Microsoft teams then..
the file navigation goes up while we scroll down in search of a file and if we need to go back to the previous folder..we have to scroll up again and click on folder to redirect to a specific folder...


Instead docking the file navigation history to the top leads to better User-Experience in files tab.

file navigation historyfile navigation history



Also a add a "back" button to go back to the previous folder from a document opened in native application would be appropriate which is currently missing. so that it would be easy to use.




I have raised this idea in uservoice

Please do comment your feedback on the suggestion and 

vote! if u feel this its worth it.

@Christopher Hoard 


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@gk_vasudev, Thanks for your suggestion. This looks valuable feature.