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I have a contact centre application (Awaken scripting by Awaken Intelligence) and wish to integrate it into teams. The idea being when the user receives a call via PSTN and they answer the call in team, the scripting application can hear the event of the interaction being answered and launch the appropriate agent guidance to the user. This event would need to be raised with the appropriate data such as DDI dialled, customer number, queue it was routed via etc. 


Is there already an API to allow me to subscribe to interaction answered events for a user? 

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I'm looking for similar capabilities in Teams. Knowing about these event APIs, if they exist, would be really helpful to me too.

Hi @andrewhemingway , Yes there is an API for this which can subscribe for calling feature.

Please find details in this Docs .

@Saonti-MSFT this is fine for obtaining information about a call once I am aware the call exists (as you need the call ID). I am specifically looking for a way to subscribe to events occurring and something like an onMessage event being raised that I can subscribe to. I don't want to poll and then look for anything. Does this type of mechanism exist? Or does it always require me to create a bot that is capable of hearing these answer events to then invoke my code from the bot?

@andrewhemingway  We do have a mechanism which will notify you on an event update in this case call event. For more details check out this documentation: Use the Microsoft Graph API to get change notifications - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs

@andrewhemingway, Did that help?
No, I still can't seem to find an event that raises when a user accepts a call with details about the call i.e. number called and the number called from.
It seems there is no event available to subscribe for incoming calls and event on answering call.

@andrewhemingway Microsoft will always focus on customer’s feedback and experience, some new features would be added to the services based on customers' feedback in the future, we also recommend you give your new idea in Teams UserVoice here.