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I want to create a personal Teams app with a couple of tabs. The only thing within these tabs should be videos of different stream channels. Do I have to work with the SharePoint implementation and include the stream channel on the SharePoint page or can I directly link to the Stream channels via the personal app?



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@Thomsch - You can add the video link to the html page and play the video in the tab. Could you please check this example ?

Can I design the Stream implementation site especially? I need to get a full size windows with all videos in one channel. and not only a couple of them... @Nikitha-MSFT 

@Thomsch - yes you can play the full video in the tab. But tab support only Iframmable.


That was not my question. Question is if I'm able to setup a Stream Integration with an overview of all videos of a Channel.

The standard Stream Integration only provides 4 videos and the "NEXT" Button...

@Thomsch , Could you please look at Add a stream channel to Team?

If you stream URL you can also add that within personal Tab as well you need to add stream domain in manifest validDomain[] list, Let me know if you are looking for the same or you want to show a live stream video in Tab?

@Trinetra-MSFT thanks for the hint.

I already tried that but the windows stays blank linking directly to a direct Stream Channel 🤨



  "validDomains": [



@Thomsch , You need to add following stream URL : in valid Domain list[],

stream ask for authentication make sure you have provided the access to the user/Group/Channel for the stream channel



or implemented auth for microsoft stream using Azure AD auth for Tab.

@Trinetra-MSFT I added the URL you provided but it's still not working.

To make sure we're talking about the same thing. I want to create a personal app within Teams and provide access to a complete Stream channel, but not via SharePoint but directly on Stream. The user is explicitely listed in Stream to have access, and it also works via SharePoint.




@Thomsch , Not sure why you are not able to see the video, it will be good if you can see what is blocking to load the video in Tab , may be in console you can see the error. also can you try to add the video url through Stream app in channel and check if that loads in Tab? 

@Trinetra-MSFT I don't understand the situation. For a couple of users the personal app works completely fine, but for others the Stream and/or Forms content not. The SharePoint page is loading fine.


1) There are users who can use the app in the browser but not in the Teams desktop client.

2) Users who cannot use it on the web nor the desktop client.

3) Users who can use it on both clients.


The users who cannot use the get this error message:



  "validDomains": [

Hi @Thomsch,
Sorry for answering after a long time. Could you please check with the latest version of Teams. 

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I was finally able to find the core problem. Unfortunately it is a known Microsoft bug that causes users to have a token problem and therefore the stream content is not loaded. More details can be found here:


I have the same issue : impossible to view in a Stream channel within a tab of a personnalized tab.


I have the following message : 


For information, i tried to add the stream domain name as suggested but it still doesn't work.


Please take a look at my message above. It's a known bug.