Status of context meetingSidePanel?

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The documentation here



"Context" property is currently not supported and thus will be ignored on mobile clients


Is this really true? channelTab and privateChatTab have been around for a while? 

So what is the status of meetingSidePanel? I can't see how to add any App to the sidebar...

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Hi @e_morling

That is correct about the mobile. However, in the article it states: Mobile clients support Tabs only in Pre and Post Meeting Surfaces. The in-meeting experiences (in-meeting dialog and tab) on mobile will be available soon. So it is coming soon

Meeting side panel is discussed specifically here

In the meeting as well as in all scenarios, the app will be rendered in an in-meeting tab that is 320px in width. Your tab must be optimized for this. See, FrameContext interface

Hope that helps to answer your question

Best, Chris