[Solved] Issue showing Provider-hosted and SharePoint pages in Teams Custom App

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Hi, I'm building a custom app showing provider-hosted app pages in tabs using App Studio.

However, it is found that the pages can only be opened using Android Teams app.

For iOS devices, it shows "Something went wrong, We can't open the XXX app at this time".

For PC, it only shows a blank tab without loading anything (as shown in the below image).



Does anyone know if there is a place we can trace the error or if you had a similar issue before?



I have changed the URL of the tab and currently teams app in iOS can show the pages.

But for pc, it still shows a blank tab.

The page can be shown successfully using Teams Online on all devices.

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@Yannie Could you please check if tab page is an iframe also the domain for page is added to your validDomain[] array of app manifest?

@Trinetra-MSFT Thanks for the reply. The tab pages are not iframe and the domain has been already added to validDomain array before installing to Teams. 


FYI, I have tried to open the application on different PCs and also another account but it shows a blank tab for Teams Desktop on all devices and accounts.


Method Tried

1. Open the app on other machines

2. Clear Teams Desktop Cache from (%AppData%\Microsoft\Teams)

3. Disabling GPU hardware acceleration in Teams

4. Completely uninstall Teams Desktop and install the latest version


Steps to Reproduce
1. Create a page in SharePoint online
2. Create a new MS Teams app in App Studio's Manifest editor

    (Please rmb not to open Teams Desktop in Developer mode)
3. Add a new Personal tab, linking to the SharePoint page
4. Install the MS Teams app with App Studio's Test and Distribute
5. Open the MS Teams app --> The SharePoint page is not loaded (nothing is shown, just a blank screen)

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@Yannie , Did you added your sharepoint domain to webApplicationInfo?

Thanks for the help. 


SharePoint pages can now be shown after adding Web-App SSO elements, which is the information inside "webApplicationInfo".



As my custom app will only contain provider-hosted pages, I have created some SharePoint Pages for the redirection to those Provider-hosted pages instead of directly using the URL.

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