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Hi Everybody 


I  have some doubts about the coexistence between Microsoft Teams and Skype For Business:


  1. In my organization, there is people who work with Skype for business yet. So if I use Microsoft Teams, Will I receive their messages from S4B?
  2. If we change the roles and everybody in my organization use Teams and I use Skype for business to chat. Will I receive the messages from Microsoft Teams? 

Please I need some help with this information.


Thank you very much



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This article should help

Basically you should set users to have one or the other (Skype or Teams) then it should work without too many issues. Most I know set the Tenant to Skype Only then set users to Teams Only as they move across and only use Teams. Once all are moved then change tenant to Teams only. This ways messages go where they are supposed to and not missed.

Hope that helps with an answer to your question.

Best, Chris
Hi Christopher

Thank you for your help. Now i will read the article and I hope it could help me. As you know the migration between these tools is so complicated. If you have more information about it please let me know.


Not a problem! There is a wealth of information on doing the upgrade which you can find here

However, I personally have found the article by Steven to help more than most because it makes it very simple and easy to phase users over onto Teams whilst still keeping a good experience. Organisations that use islands often have a lot of difficulties in users communicating with each other.

Best of luck and look forward to answering more of your questions in the future.

Best, Chris

Hi @Bred481 


In summary, to get SfB and Teams to interop you need to specifically design the mode for users, Teams Only for you, one of the SfB modes for your users on Skype. I also wouldn't suggest this as a long term position, but really just to help you though a staged migration. 

Hi @Steven Collier 


I really appreciate your input thank so much. In fact, I have a question, If I implement this method Will I receive chat messages from Microsoft Teams to S4B and vice versa?





Great, thank you for your help @Steven Collier .