Siptesterclient.ps1 change output to 0 or 1

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We use siptesterclient.ps1 to monitor sbc/pstn availability in Teams Voice by making a test call from one user in tenant A to the phone number of a teams user in tenant B.


It works great, it outputs true if the test worked, failed if not

But our monitoring software PRTG only understands integer as the result.


In the microsoft docs and the script itself, i cannot find how I could change the output to 0 or 1...


Any script guru's here who can?


Script info;



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Hi All,


@SharonZhao-MSFT at MS Q&A had given me the answer and now it works


here is how

Change output of siptesterclient.ps1 to 0 or 1 - Microsoft Q&A