Sharing Screen & Annotation during a Teams Meeting

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Hello Dears,
Is it possible to participants to annotate on the shared screen during a Teams Meeting?

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I don't think upgrading is the answer. ... Teams is competing with Zoom, WebEx, etc. and they all have this feature. I've used most of them and Zoom's capability is pretty good. I use it a lot when demoing software or training. This should 100% be core capability in Teams. Period. You're not a credible provider of web conferencing / online collaboration without this feature.


@SE_TCH you’re making some steep assertions, here. Are you a significant name in the solutions landscape? How have you determined that lacking a particular implementation of annotations makes a solution entirely non-competitive? Pretty small piece, judging by the massive MAU Teams Meetings currently has.

@xeran ,


My company is considering Zoom and Teams.  We are a microsoft shop.....but the annotation feature is causing me to lean toward Zoom.....That's how useful it is....I literally use it in almost every single meeting I have.


We just switched to teams meetings from slack. I went looking for the pen and felt like my hands were tied behind my back. I hope this is fixed soon.
@Adam Can you please give us an update on when this functionality will be available without whiteboard or third party apps? It is critical for corporate training to transition away from Webex.
In our practice, lacking an annotation option is a major weakness. It's sad this has had no development since the question was raised in this string in March 2020. We are forced to use zoom to collaborate in the architectural design field. Why the resistance?

Lucky our company has decided to prolong Zoom contract. As Teams is not at all fitting requirements for engineering groups.

Can this please get added as a feature?
How can teams be a quality collaboration tool if you can't fully collaborate??
Our team meets to go over maps and other documents that we need annotate together. This has been asked for since 2020 and is a great feature of Zoom but our company prefers to keep things in teams as much as possible. I hate having to set up a Zoom meeting just so we can all be able to annotate together.
This seriously can't be that hard to add this feature
took them long enough to get something Zoom has had for quite awhile now. Hopefully it will hit the mark!
Thanks for letting me know.

@Steven Collier 

Thank you so much. long overdue!



It's July and the feature is still not delivered. :sad:



That is right. Hi Microsoft. What's the plan?? June has come and gone.

Annotation is now available.  My team just used it in our daily "standup" meeting.



Not sure posting here is the right place, but maybe someone can help out, since I am banging my head on this.


Happy to see the annotation pen icon when I share screens.  However, its not working.  If I am the host, I can click this icon, but nothing happens.  No blue box around the screen, no annotation tools pop up.  The icon stays solid like I am supposed to be annotating, but nothing.  When I click the icon, other viewers see a spinning icon, but nothing else.


I had another user host the meeting, and when they clicked the icon, they got the annotation tools.  They said they could draw all over their screen, but I could not see the annotations.  I could see their pointer moving around, and could tell that it was in either pen or highlighter mode by its shape and color, but none of the annotation showed through to my screen.


I read on MS site overviewing this topic that I might need to turn off GPU hardware acceleration but that did not help.




This feature is useless still for code-review as the person presenting cannot continue to use their screen and also gets locked into being an annotator.

@TommyM3453 Good point.  That is something that I took notice of after making my original post.

I really can't believe msft messed this up.  The scope is simple: copy Zoom's functionality. It would be nice to see some innovation,  but really,  this feels like an own goal.