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as we are trying to get the best of Teams SDK integration, I was wondering about sharing app content to stage functionality. 
I played with a little bit, checked the permissions in `manifest.json` that adds share button for the meeting owner which is really cool (and also played with Miro integration that is using this new feature).

As we'd like to share not the meeting's owner view, but another URL on our domain, I have played with `meeting.shareAppContentToStage` or `meeting.getAppContentStageSharingCapabilities` but both calls are returning error code 1000: App doesn't have sufficient permission to use this API

From SDK perspective these calls were released in the latest version 1.11.0 
What else do I need to allow in order to get this functionality running? 

Thanks in advance!


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@marekcis - Could you please share the sample or document which you are referring for this?

First I stumbled upon on release notes in github

Then I studied public API of SDK, specifically part with Sharing:
and meeting:

On sharing there is `shareWebContent` that did nothing when called.
On meeting there are methods `getAppContentStageSharingCapabilities(...)` and `shareAppContentToStage(...)` that produced error 1000 when called.

@marekcisCould you please verify if you have required pre-requisites and given mentioned permissions in your application.
Meeting apps API references - Teams | Microsoft Docs

To use the shareAppContentToStage API, you have to obtain the RSC permissions. In the app manifest, configure the authorization property, and the name and type in the resourceSpecific field. For example:

"authorization": {
    "permission": { 
    "resourceSpecific": [
      "name": "MeetingStage.Write.Chat",
      "type": "Delegated"


@marekcis - Could you please confirm if the above suggestion helped you in any way or are you still facing the issue?
Thanks for your responses, I will give it a shot at the start of next week :)