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We have a self-hosted soluton for our customers. For example, this can be hosted on any URL ( say ). We would like to create a chat bot app for such a self-hosted service. Each customer will different settings and configurations. These are basic configurations

1. URL
2. Token

One app needs to be usable to multiple organization. When they install it, their URL where the solution lives is an integral part of the app's configuration to connect with it. How do we configure such a setting inside the chat app after the installation? Or Is it possible to configure the settings when installing the chat bot?

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@fabin10 It's not possible to change the bot URL based on the tenant. This is by design. You can install it to multiple tenant organization by approving it in Application registration in Azure. Please go through this documentation.   

@fabin10 Please let us know does that help clarify.
Hi Sridevi-MSFT,
Thank you for your reply. Since there isn't way to do this, i am planning to save these configuration values in the application's database and then the user can add/edit the configurations from the settings page in the app.