Setting Threshold for Monitoring Cal Quality

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I want to set some thresholds for the Call Quality in Teams.

I have found some information here 
Monitor call and meeting quality in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support

Use CQD to manage call and meeting quality in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn
But not alle values are there mentioned

I am looking also for 

- Second Feedback Rating Avg

- Video Poor %

- Video Poor % Freeze

- VBSS Poor %

Where are these and also other measurements mentioned and their recommended values
Thank you

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@JFM_12 - Could you please refer this document and let us know if it helps?

Hi Prasad
Thank you but I would like to have the recommended thresholds (numbers).

I haven't found 

- Second Feedback Rating Avg

- Video Poor %

- VBSS Poor %

What I have found in your document are
Frozen Video, Video Frame Loss, and Video Packet Loss: The default values are 1 percent for the degraded threshold, 5 percent for the excessive threshold, and a minimum of 15 call minutes.

So I can configure a Power BI with conditional formatting.

Microsoft has not provided a full list with their recommendations

Do you have such links

@JFM_12 - There doesn't seem to be any such documentation available which explains that. To achieve your requirements, we recommend you give your feedback in Teams Feedback Portal.


Hello Prasad

Thank you very much.

Have a great day.