Set the "Automatic record" of Teams Meetings from Graph API (onlineMeeting)

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Is it possible to set the “automatic record” from the Graph API, or does anyone know if this feature will be available?



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Today it’s not possible to do this! Hopefully there will be a way via graph but haven’t heard anything about it recently




Currently you can set the "Automatic record" of Teams Meetings through UI, but the same is not possible through Graph API. There is no endpoint related to Automatic recording in Graph API.





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@_laursen is it possible to know if the user can record the meeting ? If he has a paid account ?



I didn't get the actual requirement of doing this? Also I didn't get to know about such API.
Can you explain more?

@HunaidHanfee-MSFT I would like to know if the user has the capability to record the meeting

@ocoste2435 - 
If you have created a meeting with Graph API - You will get it's Id, You can use that id to get the meeting details with this API - Get onlineMeeting
In this you will get to know the details of participants where role would be specified for each attendees.

You can refer to this table to get to know which role can share the screen - Roles in a Teams meeting

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