Services that require CA certificates are not available in the Android MSTeams app

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We are developing an app for Teams.
Access to some of the client services that we use is only possible if you have installed some CA certificates.

With the specific CA certificates installed on PCs, the app works fine with both the desktop and the web versions of MS Teams.
We can access these services using our application through MS Teams.

If we try to reach the customer services using the Android version of the MS Team app, we get the same error as if we do not install the CA certificates.
But the CA certificates are installed correctly, because the web version (with desktop mode via Chrome browser) works fine for Android devices (and does not work without CA certificates installed on Android).

Has anyone ever encountered such a problem?
And how you can check whether the certificate is applied when trying to get access to specific server/service through MS Teams?

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Hi @vtyagunov, we are checking internally with engineering team, will update to you soon. 

Hi @Jagadeesh-MSFT, Thank you for your reply! We are waiting for updates.

Hi @vtyagunov , could you please share the repro steps.

Hi @Jagadeesh-MSFT , here are the steps to reproduce the problem:


  1. [Windows desktop] Install private CA certificate.
    1. Click install certificate
    2. Select Current user and click Next
    3. Select Place  all certificates in the following store and click browse...
    4. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click OK
    5. Click Next
  2. [Windows desktop] Open MS Teams Desktop app.
  3. [Windows desktop] Install application using the Upload a custom app button.
  4. [Windows desktop] Make sure the service that requires a CA certificate works inside the application.
    • Make sure that requests to endpoints of this service return 2** status
  5. [Windows desktop] Close MS Teams Desktop app.

  6. [Android] Download CA certificate.
  7. [Android] Install CA certificate (select VPN and Apps option)
  8. [Android] Open MS Teams Android app
  9. [Android] Open custom application.
  10. [Android] Make sure the service that requires a CA certificate works inside the application. (The problem occurs at this step)


If the information of this list of steps is not enough, please let me know.


Hi @Jagadeesh-MSFT. Is there any news of the investigation?
Hi @vtyagunov, our engineering team is working on this. At present we don't have any ETA to share with you.
Understood. Thank you for the reply!
Hi @vtyagunov, can you please share app manifest and CA certificate to repro this issue.

Hi @Jagadeesh-MSFT,
I need to consult with the team about this.
I will reply back whether it is possible or not.