Service Requests for Microsoft Teams Powershell Module (or any Powershell Modules?)

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We experienced a pretty serious bug using the Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module a couple weeks ago and the support resource via the service ticket replied that supporting the Powershell module is "is out of support boundaries."


Just curious if anyone has a better method for reporting bugs / issues when using the Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module or if there's a more "premium" type of support that Microsoft offers to provide support for developers using things like Powershell, APIs and SDKs?

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Could you please confirm if you have raised Support Ticket using Get support option?

Also Please use this forum to raise the issues related to Microsoft PowerShell Community 

Hi @Meghana-MSFT, thank you for your response.


I can confirm that I used the Get support option (ticket #26824861 was opened). The incident affected us (and others in the Powershell community) for over a week and support was unable to provide a viable workaround or fix. 


In the end, I was able to figure out a workaround myself and documented it here.  (


Just yesterday, someone in community thread reported that the bug was fixed, but it really concerns me that we have no mechanism to report these incidents properly.