Sending notifications to a teams app

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Hi. I have an application with a few websites like tabs. The app is installed to a predefined set of users within a company automatically.


I have a need to send an individualized adaptive card with an action button inside to the user. When they click on the button, I want to call an api and redirect them to a specific tab within my app. 

1) do I create a conversation tab and somehow send it there?

2) do I send the card to some channel? Is the app installed in a channel somehow?

3) do I send an activity notification?


 I'm not familiar enough with how the app is installed but could you help with some pointers?


 I've seen proactive messaging via a bot but not sure where the message is going to end up, a channel, an activity? Do I need proactive messages even though the app is installed on their behalf?

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@soulglow - We are looking into this we will get back to you soon.

@soulglow - You can use the activity feed notification APIs in Microsoft Graph to extend this functionality to your apps. This allows your apps to provide richer experiences and better engage users by helping to keep them up to date with changes in the tools and workflows they use.

Reference Document-Send activity feed notifications to users in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Docs|

Sample Link-Microsoft-Teams-Samples/samples/graph-activity-feed-broadcast/csharp at main · OfficeDev/Microsoft-T...

@soulglow -Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved with above suggestion or still looking for any help?

@Sayali-MSFT could you elaborate on why you think activity feed is better than proactive messages using a bot? Activity feed only allows text and no adaptive cards. 

@soulglow -If you want to send adaptive card to notify user you can use the proactive messages and card. After you've published your bot and made the bot available to end users in Microsoft Teams, you can notify users ("recipients") in Microsoft Teams with proactive messages and adaptive cards.

Reference Document-Notify bot users in Power Virtual Agents for Teams with proactive messages and cards - Power Virtual...