self made PNG gives gray background color instead of blue (3 other use it and is blue!?)

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Hi there, My name is Rob. I've made a background with AI, already made more, but this one shows on my Teams meeting a gray background color instead of light blue, like my team members? I'm using a apple macbook pro and never before had this color differents? Or it is a simple thing, maybe a apple thing but please help me! already thanks. see picture down below.

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@RobbieZ69 Could you please elaborate you're scenario more clearly, like how exactly you made background with AI?

I don't think the problem is in how i made it in AI, because 3 other uses the same background and there color is like it should be, light blue. But: made a background, colors 009fe3 25%, some logo's and export for display to PNG, standard setting. This PNG gave the same colors on a meting but not on my apple macbook pro, its gray, see picture. It looks like there is color setting om my mac or office who changes this all?

@RobbieZ69 - According to your description, your issue is more related to Teams product, which we do not support. For issues related to teams product, please reach out to the Product support channels for Microsoft Teams. Thanks for your understanding !