See who sent a message without exiting from Channel file or post

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When the red dot shows up showing that someone tried to communicate with me, I apparently have to exit from whatever shared document or post I am working on in Teams to see who sent the message.  I have not found a way to check on who it was without getting out of what I was in and going to the Chat feature in Teams.  Even if I have the four or five people most likely to send me chat messages popped out so I can deal with them individually, I still can't tell if it is one of them or someone else without exiting from the Channel discussion, wiki, file, post or other feature I am deep into modifying.  Is it just a lack of training on my part?

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Based on the description it seems like a Teams Product issue. Could you please help by posting this on

For Microsoft Teams product issues/failures your tenant Admin can reach out to Microsoft 365 Product Support.

For general questions about Microsoft Teams please post your question on Microsoft Teams Community.