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Hello Team,
Our requirement is as follows:
Requirement : We have created a bot using teams toolkit.


We further want to add a search bar within the bot which will search adaptive cards and filter them. As in show only searched cards and hide rest.
Is it possible to add search bar in bot?
One option we could think of is creating tab using fluent so that we can search the adaptive cards.


Is their any way to directly implement it in a bot?


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@Janhvi - We don't have direct way to show dropdown list and search any content via only bot.

You can open task module from the posted adaptive card in bot. Once you open task module, you can show the custom React page with search functionality.

You can also, implement the bot-based search but in that case, you need to just post the content in Teams chat where bot is installed and then at backend side, you can receive the search string and based on your logic at backend, you can return the response.

Also, you can add typeahead search functionality in Adaptive Cards. This functionality provides an enhanced search experience on the Input.ChoiceSet component, allowing users to enter text in the search field and filter out choices as they type.
Typeahead search in Adaptive Cards - Teams | Microsoft Learn





Prasad Das


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Hello @Prasad_Das-MSFT 
Thanks for responding!
We don't want the functionality of search inside adaptive card or as a part of adaptive card. Instead inside the bot so that we can search the contents of all adaptive cards which are posted in the bot and then filter them.

@Janhvi - Currently that is not feasible. To achieve your requirements, we recommend you give your feedback in Teams Feedback Portal.

@Prasad_Das-MSFT Is there any other way to fulfill this requirement other than creating tab via React with FluentUI and then adding customized search bar.

@Janhvi - There doesn't seem to be any way available currently.