SCCM PowerBI Integration into Microsoft Teams

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As a member of my departments IT team I was thinking it might be nice to keep track of applications, desktops, servers, license agreements, service agreements, etc. using the MS Teams site we already use to share documents and chat. As I started researching I saw that SCCM has a plugin for PowerBI, hmm Teams can use PowerBI! We use SCCM heavily on the desktop side and some on the server side of course they don't let me anywhere near the console). Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go into Teams and see the status of your application servers or anything else you might be able to track using SCCM? If you're an SCCM Engineer wouldn't it be nice to give those pesky developers a view into the system without them getting their nosy little fingers all over everything?


I was just wondering if anyone has done any SCCM/PowerBI integration or if anyone is using PowerBI  in Teams.



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@nicknnator, You can use PowerBi app inside Teams which is available inside app store. Are you facing any issue using this approach?

@nicknnator Depending on your organizations settings it's possible to link a PowerBi Dashboard in Microsoft Teams. It's like linking PowerBi in Sharepoint Online.