Save your webcam settings in microsoft teams

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Hi all


I'd like to share my idea for improving MS teams. 


With my standard webcam settings the video is pretty dark, so I adjust it manually in the webcam settings of teams because i dont have any settingssoftware for my webcam. But every time i restart teams or my laptop the settings go back to the original "standard settings". 


So it would be great if it were possible to save your webcam settings.


I hope Microsoft can and will implement this option.

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There should be no Hopefully they'll implement this."


Saving camera settings is a basic feature of preferences management for EVERY WEBCAM MEETING APPLICATION EXCEPT MS TEAMS. Microsoft decided that they'd rather make an opportunity for a third-party plugin vendor than do what every other Webcam meeting application does by default as a matter of course.

Either that, or they must admit that they haven't a clue about functional requirements specs or running an agile development shop.

I expect this feature to arrive in approximately 20 years, just way that they're finally adding smooth scrolling in Excel after decades of user complaints.

You see UserVoice is Microsoft's version of "Bread and Circuses." As long as  the peons feel they've voiced their ire and been heard, they go back to being peace and malleable and downtrodden and loving it. And now that we've complained, we're safely defused and MS can merrily ignore being taken to task for not providing a feature so basic as saving ALL PREFERENCES.

"MS-Hater-one-of-many" is absolutely right. How long has Teams been out now? It's absurd that this basic functionality is still missing, but I guess we're talking about M$ here after-all. If it doesn't involve immediate revenue gain then it gets backlogged for eternity.


@Bilbo1005 I tend to agree with the sentiment on this thread.


Teams could be such a great product but instead it's as if it's given to the junior team to dabble with new tech.


Not saving camera settings is really poor form and against the design principals they themselves sprout.