Sample Code for a Bot Framework Bot making an outbound call and playing an audio stream?

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Most of the samples for calling bots are for handling inbound calls, where the bot terminates a inbound call and responds to the user.


In our use case, we would like the bot to make an outbound Teams call to a user and play

(1) Stored media  - sound file
(2) Steaming media  - i.e an audio stream we get from someplace else such as a internet radio station (as an example to illustrate) or even the bot acting as a relay between two calls.

Are there any code samples or snippets available that illustrate a new outbound audio call to another teams user,  and attaching a stored or streaming media to the call. 

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Thanks. That has some calling code but not an ability to stream data out on the call originated by the bot. Will keep looking.
Found a Voice Reminder Bot sample which is a bit date but will give it a shot