Retrieve attendance report when meeting ends

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We are using Graph API to create a meeting but would like to be able to report on the attendance. I have 2 questions:


Firstly, although I can see an API to return call sessions, how do I link this data to the Meeting created?


Secondly, is there a way to easily return the participants email address? as we would need this data to match users in our system

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Thanks for reaching us!

Teams by default generate attendees report and meeting report after completion of meeting call. We can able to see the list of attendees and the report. But at present we don't have any API to fetch list of attendees and their email address.

As this feature is not available at present, could you please raise an UserVoice if this needs to be consider as a future request.


Can you confirm how we can return the attendees report? Is there an API to call