Resource Account do not show in forwarding rules in Teams Desktop App

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I noticed that when I want to forward calls from my number to a Resource Account (Queue or Auto Attendant) from the desktop App doesn't find any match, instead from my Mobile App I can forward to AutoAttendant and Queue whitout any problem. 


Someone knows why? 



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@Alessio__Evolink_SA , Thank you for reporting it. I have shared it with dev team.

@subhasish-MSFT Thank You! 


Could you let me know when they fix the problem? 


Thanks in advance.

@Alessio__Evolink_SA ,

Currently we dont have any ETA on this.

@subhasish-MSFT Same problem here. I opened a Ticket with Microsoft, but haven't gotten a single answer in over a month! 


We were able to temporarily fix the problem, by allowing the resource account user to log in. (Disable theblock in O365 Admin Center).


But since today, this fix no longer works.