Read config data from within Teams app?


Is there any way to read data from the manifest file from within a Teams app?


For example, I would like to add some configuration data to a Teams app, which is could be read by the Teams app at runtime using Javascript. If this is not possible, is there some way to configure a Teams app with some custom data?

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@George71 , Manifest is an app package which can contains teams Tab, Bot , Message Extension and other functionality If you are willing to read tab you can use the Teams Client SDK get Context for your Tab, for Bot you will get the required information in Activity object. updating the manifest with dynamic data is also possible you need to call the Teams client SDK method before any tab loads for bots there is an conversationUpdate event which triggers whenever a Bot is installed.

@Trinetra-MSFTThanks for the advice. I'll take a closer look at the Teams Client SDK.