"The following character are not allo..' in Teams but allowed in SharePoint

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Why is this an issue in Teams when I can upload a file (with '#' or '&' in it's file name) via SharePoint? Is there any plan to solve this in Teams. I noticed I can't download the file either in Teams but can do it in SharePoint.

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Looks like with the new files experience and tighter integration between Teams and SharePoint (mentioned here) that this has been resolved. I just uploaded two files - one called #File and one called &File to the File tab




Looks like that has been resolved! Hope that answers your question!


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@Christopher Hoard Have you tried the 'hyperlink using these characters?' It works to upload files and name them, but if you click the copy will take the hastag (#) and changes it to a %2523 vs the character #.  Therefore, you will get a 404 error. Whether its a file or folder.